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Photo by Houa Vang

Sweet soulful melodies span multiple genres of contemporary Pop, Morlum and R&B-inspired music; powerhouse Lao artist Thinlamphone continues to push new boundaries while maintaining her traditional values. With the versatility in her vocals and her tenacious multidisciplinary drive, Thinlamphone can sing and perform in Lao, Chinese and English. Two of her most recent solo releases a few months ago, “Thor Ni Dai Bor” (705K views) and “ຜິດຜີ (ผิดผี) - Phit Phi" (297K views) have spiked her creative drive to release a multitude of songs in 2024. Her collaborations include “ຜົວຫນັອກ (ผัวน็อก) Knock Nok Nok” ft. Youd Salavan and Lang Sengamphone (1M views), “ຮັກແທ້ກໍເຂົ້າມາ (ฮักแท้ก็เข้ามา)" ft. Anon (2.6M views), and her most well-known collaboration with long time friend, Zamio P. - "All Day All Night", "Na Na Na”, “Sound of Laos” and much more. Their song "All Day All Night" has currently generated 12M views both nationally and internationally, which caught the attention of Thai Hip Hop pioneer, F'Hero. Then in turn, F'Hero invited both Thinlamphone and Zamio P. to perform at the 2022 ASEAN Music Showcase Festival in Singapore. As part of the finale, they were honoured to join a performance of "Run The Town" with F'Hero, VannDa, 1Mill, Sprite, and other High Cloud artists. 

In 2023, Thinlamphone debuted in the US at Sabaidee Fest with an attendance of over 10K within two days and continued her US tour in California, Minnesota, Texas and Tennessee. She wrapped up the year participating and performing in various events in China such as a televised performance in association with Guangxi Nanning Radio, the Fascination Southeast Asia 3rd Season, and the Legend of Ocean NY Poem Concert in Hainan to mention a few.

Born in Champasak, Laos, Thinlamphone and her family moved to Vientiane in search of new opportunities and higher education in the big city. She began her music career in 2015 and has performed in many countries, such as Thailand, China, Vietnam and Australia.

Embarking on a new year and ready to unleash an unstoppable, confident version of herself, Thinlamphone will be the face to empower young girls in Laos.





Champasak, Laos


Folk, Pop, R&B

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