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Choosing to use his euphonious voice as his medium of artistic expression, Taba Chake has over the years honed and developed an articulate, intimate and intricate form of story-telling. Chake’s tender approach to songwriting with his masterful use of guitar as a choice of instrument has an authentic gentleness to it. It is this character of his music and musicality that makes his connection to his listeners and fans traverse through languages, state lines, and walks of life. While his 2016 debut EP Bond with Nature evokes an almost-haptic nostalgic longing for a life of tranquility away from the cities, Chake’s 2019 Bombay Dreams paints an honest picture of a life in the cities and in the show business – the questions and doubt it leaves one with – culminating again to express his urgent desire to escape.

The simplicity in his songwriting is as practised as the complex feelings that Chake envisions to convey through his voice as a way to connect with his very steadily and rapidly growing fan base. Taba Chake’s songs have stacked up over 30 Million streams on spotify alone, and over 40 million streams across all platforms. Chake is an active live musician and has been one of the most programmed live music acts during the festive season of 2022-23.




Singer | Songwriter | Guitarist



Arunachal Pradesh


Folk, Indie Pop Rock

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SG Music Co. Ltd.

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