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Who Are We

When Lao music is mixed with hip hop culture - officially known as Morlum Trap, our thoughts instantly think of MSET075. A collaborative hip hop group, who released its first single "Luem Bor Dai" in 2011 and won "The Most Popular Hip Hop Song of the Year" at the Lao Music Awards.

Members of MSET075; MCBK, born and raised in Vientiane Laos and Faz $F representing his homeland of Malaysia, collectively have continued to join forces in making music and performing together. Their centre core invariably incorporate traditional music and sounds into modern styles mixed with a blend of beats, genres and vibes. "Sok Dee Pi Mai", featuring SG Music Artist, Thinlamphone and the second Lao New Year project for foodpanda, gained positive recognition on the charts in Laos and continues to trend on social media. The following month, they released their next single "I Wanna" to introduce  a new genre, reggaeton, to their list of songs. This year, they released "HOD" and "Lost in Tokyo" and plan to release more new music. The track, "Lost in Tokyo" is the first in Lao music to be among exceptional artists representing different countries in Asia on a limited edition vinyl record "Tokyo Chill II".


Their love and charismatic flair on stage, pave the way to be invited to perform in Japan at the J-WAVE Insprire Tokyo 2022. MCBK and Faz $F continues to perform at events and festivals throughout various regions in Laos and abroad.

Besides producing music, MCBK and Faz $F also devote their time to a number of projects within the industry. They co-founded ShortCut, a company that offer services in-house production and music consulting.

MCBK founded RunHipHopLao, a hip hop community hub to support and provide resources for aspiring artists and people interested in gaining more knowledge in the hip hop industry. RunHipHopLao host events such as rap battles and parties to give artists the opportunity to showcase their talents. MCBK also serves as a board member at LASCAP, an organization to create policies and regulations to protect copyright and publishing in the music industry.

Faz $F's passion for cinematic interpretation is seen through his media work by spending most of his time crafting his filmmaking skills as a director, producer, editor and storyteller. Whether it be on or off camera, Faz $F is meticulous when it comes to storytelling and bringing the vision to life. He takes pride in creating content from inception to final deliverables. 





Vientiane, Laos


Hip Hop, Morlum Trap, Reggaeton

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