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Mike JB Sky, an eponymous rocker, began his music career as a drummer to now lead guitarist and vocals. For many years, he was an accomplished session musician but had always dreamed that one day he could put his heart and soul into making his own music to share with the world.

In 2010, he started to do just that until his career was suddenly halted. Mike JB Sky was t‐boned in a horrific car accident. The accident left his right knee and right hand destroyed. He had broken 32 bones

in his hand and after many surgeries; doctors told him that he would NEVER play music again.

In addition to his sufferings and misery, Mike JB Sky was confined to a wheelchair and crutches for over a year, which gave him limited mobility. 

For 4 years, he endured severe depression, the inability to walk or use his hand while working through hand surgery and rigorous rehabilitation. Within a year, he regained his ability to strum a guitar for a full hour. 

The sheer will to overcome his depression and to not give up against all odds, Mike JB Sky officially became a solo artist and started performing in 2015.




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